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What is Potassium Permanganate
Definition and Application

Potassium permanganate is a chemical oxidant available as dry crystals, used commonly in water treatment and chlorinated solvent remediation. An inorganic compound with the formula KMn04, potassium permanganate is closely related to sodium permanganate, but differs in important ways in terms of application.

Permanganates have been used for decades in the treatment of soil and groundwater contaminated by chlorinated solvents. These are commonly used degreasers and cleaning products that contaminate the soil and groundwater underneath manufacturing plants, airports, dry cleaner facilities, and more.

Both sodium and potassium permanganate are commonly used with  in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) for effective treatment of chemicals such as TCE, PCE, DCE, VC, and other chemicals of concern. 

Our KMnO4 Quality and Test Results

Our permanganates are rigorously tested by independent laboratories, beating NSF water quality standards and consistently maintaining best industry standards for quality.

Particular contaminants of concern are lead, mercury, arsenic, and chromium, all of which are below detectable levels in CAP Remediation’s permanganate. 

potassium permanganate lab test

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Product Availability

With facilities across the US and ability to ship internationally, CAP Remediation can supply your project on time and in budget.

Standard Packaging

CAP Remediation supplies potassium permanganate in pails, drums, supersacks, as well as custom blended solutions delivered in bulk tankers. 

Custom Blending Solutions

We can custom blend potassium permanganate to your required solution (1-5%) and deliver in totes or bulk tankers directly to your site. This helps you avoid the health and safety issues of blending potassium permanganate on site. 

Our Permanganate Quality

Our permanganates are rigorously tested by independent laboratories, beating NSF water quality standards and consistently topping industry standards for quality. Our results speak for themselves:

potassium permanganate lab test

In-Situ Remediation Service

Our team has extensive experience supporting time-sensitive projects across the US and Canada as well as internationally.

From military bases and other secured locations, to open fields, and active shopping centers in cities, we have been there and understand the often complex and time-sensitive logistics needed to make your project successful.

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