Should you consider custom blending?

When to use custom blending for your project

Our team can work with you to help determine whether custom blending of potassium or sodium permanganate is the right solution for your project.

Many projects, both large-scale to smaller applications, can benefit from having chemicals pre-blended.

Health & safety concerns

On site mixing of hazardous chemicals like permanganates isn’t ideal, especially when dealing with dry crystal potassium permanganate.

tight schedules

If your project is very time-sensitive, having pre-mixed solutions delivered directly to your site removes many variables that can exist with on-site blending.

location, location, location

Busy city locations and military bases are often good candidates for custom blending due to the specialized logistics and often time-sensitive natures of these projects. 

project size

It is often cost-effective to have large-scale projects custom blended and delivered in tanker trucks, but there are many times when small projects can benefit as well. 


Our team has extensive experience supporting time-sensitive projects across the US and Canada as well as internationally.

From military bases and other secured locations, to open fields, and active shopping centers in cities, we have been there and understand the often complex and time-sensitive logistics needed to make your project successful.