Why Choose Us?

You know that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to an environmental remediation problem.

That's why you need a team that will work with you every step of the way to ensure your remediation products are the right ones. A team that will help you achieve all your project targets, no matter the challenges.

We've seen it all, so we can handle it all — as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Environmental remediation products are our entire focus.

We work exclusively to supply products for environmental remediation.

Reliability is crucial in our industry, so you can always rely on us to provide consistently high-quality products. We deliver what we promise every time.

Plus, our logistical skills and network of trusted partners ensure you get what you need when you need it.

We have extensive experience with time-sensitive projects.

We understand the often complex and time-sensitive logistics needed to make your project successful, no matter the size.

We service areas requiring everything from a few hundred pounds to millions of pounds of reagents. And we serve a wide variety of areas, including:

  • military bases and other secured locations
  • open fields
  • active shopping centers in cities
  • limited access locations

We think through your challenges before they happen.

It's not a perfect world. We know things happen to derail even the best thought-out remediation project… because we've been there.

That's why, before starting your project, we've thought through every possible pitfall. So even if something goes wrong, you can depend on us to make it right. And we won't stop until we do.

Our Remediation Products

We offer a variety of products for in situ remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. From off-the-shelf chemicals to custom solutions for your site, we can help you with your remediation requirements.

Zero Valent Iron

Carefully selected zero valent iron in three remediation grades for in situ chemical reduction. 


High quality permanganates, persulfates, and peroxides for in situ chemical oxidation.

Granular Activated Carbon

AC-based amendments for chlorinated solvent remediation

Need a Custom Solution?

Whether a large-scale project or a smaller application, many sites can benefit from having pre-blended chemicals. Our team can work with you to determine whether custom blending is the right solution for you.

Our Values

Our core values are integral to how we operate and serve our clients.


We value honesty and transparency and are committed to communicating openly with you about every aspect of your project.


Every decision we make is based on integrity and equality. We approach every project with impartiality and a strong sense of justice.


Respect is key to our company culture. We honor the achievements of our team and clients, recognizing their dedication and success. Together, we strive for excellence.

Knowledge & Skill

Our success is driven by the expertise of our team members. Their deep understanding and proficiency in their respective fields are the cornerstone of every project.


Our commitment to reliability is demonstrated by delivering consistent and high-quality results, even when faced with project challenges.

Your Remediation Project
is Our Priority

Our team has extensive experience with in situ remediation chemicals, a proven track record supporting time-sensitive projects, and top-tier customer service.

We will work with you every step of the way, doing whatever it takes to ensure your project is done right.